Victoria Carver

About my work

For my project I have been looking at the environment and the way our consumer lifestyles are exhausting the world we occupy. We are eradicating ecosystems left, right and centre and seemingly not caring about what will happen in the future. We are destroying habitat and woodlands like the Amazon rainforest to meet demand for unnecessary and damaging products like palm oil. By doing this we have put not only larger animals like the Orangutans at risk of extinction, but also smaller animals from birds to reptiles, to insects that all live-in harmony in these ecosystems. My work uses artificial media to replicate ants. It is a comment on how we cannot replace nature with a man-made equivalent.

By using the glass beads and wires I am making reference to the manufactured materials that are used and the replacement of life with inorganic media. The faceted beads give an insect eye view of the world around us. I photographed the artificial ants amongst fragments of garden and concrete to suggest an environment with both urban and ecological associations.

I believe that without us doing our best to stop creating or making more materials than we need. We are suffocating not just ourselves but all living animals, human, insects and fish in the sea by not recycling and allowing the build-up of greenhouse gases.

Fine Art @ Nottingham College