Sarah Shortland

About my work

Urban environments and architecture can be representative of social inequalities and often highlight the disparities of wealth and poverty. Great cathedral-like financial institutions made of glass and steel can reside by impoverished housing estates, while the homeless beg for food outside supermarket doorways. Such extremes in life live side-by-side, yet miles apart.

I have created this piece titled ‘The Shadows,’ from a series of photographs taken in the alleyways of Nottingham City. Blocks of wood, of various lengths, both project and retract from the viewer and the room. Encased and enclosed by a frame, the rendered blocks can be moved and repositioned as cities demolish and rebuild, ever changing and developing. The piece has no final composition. No block is wrong or right in its position; anyone can change the outcome for better or worse.

This piece allows us to consider the consequences of our actions on society and the impact it can have towards our fellow man. In a world that celebrates success, this piece asks, ‘at what cost?

Fine Art @ Nottingham College