Poppy  Elphick

About my work


Inspired by natural forms, this project is an ode to historical fairytales and folklore across the globe, and aims to explore the complex relationships between man and nature playfully.

An antidote to a lot of the conceptualism that is  in contemporary art, these pieces are a kitschy albeit slightly eerie play on the common qualities we share with fungi, including DNA and the same single cell ancestor. These pieces are underpinned by a recurring theme in the artists work, an environmental messaging

to humanise nature is to bring out human compassion towards it.

Exploring aspects of word association with fungi, the artist found it to remind most of rot and decay. The aim of these pieces was to imbue them with life and whimsy, to draw focus and appreciation to the intricate and fragile ecosystem that keeps the planet alive, unseen and unnoticed in the undergrowth.

Fine Art @ Nottingham College