Nattawan Santipongrattana

About my work

After thinking about flooding due to climate change and looking outside of my backdoor, I saw a fly drowning in the stagnant water bottle at backdoor of my flat on 10th April 2020, time 16:39pm. This made me thinking of people trying to swim and get out or away from a flood, without a boat or car. I saw many of dead flies float around on top of water resembling to me human bodies. It also kept releasing a strong musty smell. The movement of the big bottle when shook suggested wild water flowing with one body swimming on his own to try to stay alive.

One thing we can all do is keep continue fighting till our very last breath. Whether we are a little small creature like a fly or a human getting drowned from climate change induced water flood. At the end when we stop, we have no oxygen and are without anything to call for help. Many hundreds of flies have fallen down into this water, none of them be able to be out. Whether trapped flies or humans during the floods or lockdown this year, everything is same. Imprisoned and unable go outside or ask for help. My work connects how all creatures, from flies to humans are at the same risk of dying when faced with climate change and issues beyond our control.

Fine Art @ Nottingham College