Mark Westlake

About my work

Climb aboard 'the art experience express' and take a step inside into artworks that come to life. See historical work which has been modernised and compare past art to the present.

My piece uses a playful way of explaining how traditional art practice has changed and evolved over time. Modernising past references into what we do and create as artists today.

It is also an attempt to adapt and translate others artwork away from the world of the art museum and look into a more everyday contemporary playful and fun idea for encountering and interpreting art in the form of a theme park ride.

I have appropriated four art works for the

‘Art Experience Express’. These are;

‘Ice Arch’ by  Andy Goldsworthy (1982)

‘Skyscrapers and tunnel' 1930) by Italian Futurist, Fortunato Deperero.

‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’ 1818 by Caspar David Friedrich.

And an historic image of an angry mob during the ‘Priestly riots’ in 1791.

Fine Art @ Nottingham College