Lottie McGraw

About my work

This installation explores the connect and disconnect of the inner and outer worlds through imaginary and real imagery. The grounding of fragmented body parts through soil and wire within a surreal garden of fae figures and mushrooms question reality and our perceptions of the world around us. The intertwining of natural and man and made materials question what is a persons true nature and what has been taken on as one's own through social constructs and man made environments. 

I wanted to produce a piece of work that wasn’t too obvious to understand in its entire meaning, but I wanted to make sure that it was obvious enough to communicate a personal touch via hand making, emphasising the personal nature of the subject matter. Using maps of where I am from lets me show that the work is relevant to me and holds attachment. I found doing this project to be quite a challenge, due to being limited to being at home and the fact that the work is personal too, it was stressful but a great learning curve as well.

Fine Art @ Nottingham College