Joshua Curtis 

About my work

'Devil’s Cans with Hope’s Ball'

I have created a ‘ready-made’ styled bowling game based on the Covid 19 pandemic with 32 drinks cans and an old football (from the 2012 Olympics). All spray-painted. The work expresses our fears and over eagerness to forget the rules in lock-down. The football references our anger to get this pandemic over with and to get back to some form of normality. The work has underlying meanings that ‘good tops evil’

I was motivated by what is ‘hot’ right now in the newspapers and my experience of being ill early in the pandemic. This work in my eyes is in some ways a bastion of hope and patience.

This work strategy developed from my earlier works using the format of board games and jigsaw puzzles to explore wider ideas. I was inspired by stret art like Banksy and I like the idea of a spray painted ‘virus’ motif or tag. The colours the cans are painted are chosen to reflect the following. Black for death, Red for Blood, Yellow for its brightness and Blue for its calm qualities.

Fine Art @ Nottingham College