Drew Scothon

About my work

I have developed a series of geometric abstractions camouflaging figurative imagery within a black and white chequered grid structure. During lockdown I could not get hold of the blank canvases to execute my abstract images so I ended up painting on the family shed as a surface. I extended this idea of adaptation by buying ready-made printed canvases from ‘The Range’. Which I have over-painted leaving fragments of the original images showing through.

Taking inspiration from my shed piece I again chose to add a human silhouette but this time incorporating the existing cityscape image to symbolise our tendency to try to camouflage with our surroundings. I also took forward ideas from a piece in which I used some colour on angular lines which ended up looking similar to hand print ‘lifelines’ which I wanted to take  into this piece. In a small way, representing health care staff around the globe working tirelessly during this pandemic.

For the areas where I left the original image showing, it also indicates how I had to adapt in my creation process due to the limitations of the availability of resources. I also felt that leaving some of the under image would create an interesting dynamic against the chequered effect. My biggest artist inspirations came from Bridget Riley and her OP art style another inspiration was William James and his works in which a human silhouette form is present.

Fine Art @ Nottingham College