Drew Scothon

About my work

My final pieces consists of a camouflaged Chameleon, snake and elephant.  the intersecting panels are positioned in a  landscape format as a pose to portrait because I feel it allows the underlying images to be somewhat legible still. These pieces would have all been something that uses camouflage as a way of hiding from their prey or even humans but given how the start of this year went with my granddad and mum passing away I wanted to dedicate something to her and her memory which is why I chose to add an elephant as it was her favourite animal so it has to be included even if it doesn’t use camouflage. The canvases are arranged in a way that I feel fits with the abstract patterns not connecting as one would expect also it creates an interesting shape to hopefully draw in the viewer.I decided to intertwine some of the patterns over the various sections to show the break between the natural world and the man made futuristic world hopefully showing that the connection between us a nature isn’t completely broken and there is still time to stop it being completely destroyed.

This project is dedicated to my mum and granddad who would be so proud of me for finishing the course given everything that’s happened. With at times me wanting to quit because of it all and  not being able to motivate myself to do anything at times. 

R.I.P Lindsey Edwards 1976-2021

R.I.P Richard Scothon 1943-2021

Fine Art @ Nottingham College