Charlotte Bainbridge

About my work

'Mind and heart in encaged'

This art working is about comparing how animals are encaged and how we have been trapped inside due to Covid 19 and having to go thought lockdowns. It shows how the mind and heart have been affected by this experience the themes being loneliness and feeling trapped.  I have used the mound making process with gelflex to cast real animals’ heart and created concrete forms  coated with a red varnish brick paint which gives them a realistic look. The background of the piece represents the mind and thoughts people have when being lonely or feeling trapped, I asked people option on loneliness and lockdown and used their words in the installation along with words I myself associate with the feeling. The words are all different sizes and are in different fonts and are meant to represent thoughts. The cages represent the thing restriction us and trapping us inside.

I wanted to produce a piece of work that wasn’t too obvious to understand in its entire meaning, but I wanted to make sure that it was obvious enough to communicate a personal touch via hand making, emphasising the personal nature of the subject matter. Using maps of where I am from lets me show that the work is relevant to me and holds attachment. I found doing this project to be quite a challenge, due to being limited to being at home and the fact that the work is personal too, it was stressful but a great learning curve as well.

Fine Art @ Nottingham College